Why You Should Hire a Google Partner to
Manage Your Business Google Ads

Google’s ad platform Google AdWords, now called Google Ads, is a great way to reach people that are looking for your services in as quick as 6 hours!

Beyond Media Solutions is now a Google Partner! What does that mean?

We are now a Google Partner. Our Google Ads team has gone extensive training with Google to achieve our status. We’ve been put to the test and have proven that our strategy can deliver real results for our customers!

Risks of Running Your Own Google Ads

Anyone can set up a Google Ad. But, if you’re not up to date with changes, training, and expertise, you run the risk of wasting your money. Based on Google Ad accounts we now manage here are the top 5 mistakes we find customers making by running their own ads:

  1. Not setting up any negative keywords
  2. Not setting up keywords correctly
  3. Paying up to 400% more per click due to a low-quality ad score (ouch!)
  4. Not organizing your ad campaigns, ad groups, and keywords
  5. Not setting up landing pages that will convince prospects you’re the best

Those are the top 5, but there’s more found when we review ad accounts. Our jaws drop because so many people are wasting about 80% of their ad spend on irrelevant clicks. So sad!

We can review your Google Ad account for FREE & tell you what you need to fix!

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

  1. Better Performing Ads, Lower Cost Per Click, Higher Conversions

Through extensive training and experience, we know the potential of Google Ads and can apply the appropriate features to your campaign. Working with a Google Partner can assure that your quality score is higher. A higher score means a lower cost per click and more leads!

  1. We are Familiar with the Platform

We’ve done the training and have proven that we can deliver results. We know how to set up ads that come up when someone is looking for your services as well as geo picture or video targeted ads.

  1. Early ‘Beta’ Features

We get early bird access to new features! That means that if we’re managing your ads, you’re going to be taking advantage of new features before your competitors.

  1. Certified Staff

Our Google Ads team has been trained and certified to do nothing else but bring you results. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

  1. Unique Google Specialist

Super cool thing, we have our own Google Ads Specialist. How does that benefit you? Well, when we get stuck on something, we have a helping hand at Google headquarters that can help us out. We don’t have to wait forever on hold, and then wait 7 – 14 days. Your ad issues get resolved FAST!

  1. Quality Customer Service

We got the badge but we have to work HARD to keep it! Have peace of mind knowing that we’re working our butts off to keep this badge. The only way to maintain our status as a Google Partner is by continuously delivering results to our clients.

  1. Fast Response Time

We have our own Google Specialist that helps us out. So, why can’t you have your own marketing specialist as well? That’s a something we strongly believe in here at Beyond Media Solutions. Whether we’re helping you with SEO or Google Ads, you have your own account manager. Text, e-mail or call them whenever you need help. But, we’re not just here when you need us.

Your account manager has got your back! New advertising opportunities, new ways to reach more clients, new updates, you name it, and we’re the first ones to let you know when opportunity is knocking. Not all heroes wear capes, we know! We’re here to help you DOMINATE YOUR LOCAL MARKET!