Does Social Media Help With Search Rankings?

Social media and SEO are two huge factors to getting more exposure for your business online. However, according to BlueCorona, although social media doesn’t necessarily have a direct impact on search rankings, it can still affect your SEO efforts in four ways:

                     – Increased online visibility and traffic to your website

                     – Increased authority and brand recognition

                     – Broader content distribution and longer content lifespan

                     – Improved local SEO

So how does social media and SEO relate to each other? Keep reading to find out!

Increases Online Exposure

Fishing and advertising are a lot more similar than you think. The key to success in both fields is investing in the right bait and having a huge net. Why? The bigger the net, the more fish you catch – and the same thing goes for advertising.

The goal of your business’s marketing campaign is to increase leads and sales and the more people that see your brand, the more opportunities you have to convert them! For example, a business owner has a conversion rate of 10 percent. If 300 people visit his site, that’s 15 leads. If you bump that up to 500 visits, that’s 50 leads. Obviously, it isn’t that simple but you get the picture.

Google does display Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn accounts for businesses which can really boost your businesses online visibility in the SERPs (search engine results page) which then leads to brand recognition.

Increases SEO Authority & Brand Recognition

If you didn’t know already, brand recognition is the ability of the general public or your audience to recognize your company based on signifiers (logo, name, colors, slogan, etc.). And the best place to build up brand recognition is on your social media platforms!

Another great benefit of social SEO (using social media to improve your business’s search engine rankings) is more authority through links and reviews. The goal through links is to get your audience to share your links. The can not only increase the number of backlinks, which improve your website’s credibility but to get your content popular as well. This will improve your website rankings and can get your social media profiles up on the SERPs as well!

Reviews are a huge factor when it comes to your business’s credibility and reputation. Not only because prospects look at business reviews, but because Google likes reviews too! If Google sees that your business has a low rating and bad reviews then they’ll more than likely not show your business or it’ll have a low ranking. In fact, reviews account for 13% of ranking factors for local searches and 7% for general searches! Google also pulls reviews from other social media sites like Facebook as well.

Extends Reach of Website Content

Did you know that 76% of Facebook users visited the site daily in 2016, getting over 1.6 billion visitors daily! That’s like the entire world on Facebook in one day, and each and every one of them is consuming and sharing content.

On social media, you control the distribution of content and you can actually increase the lifetime of your content by re-posting it! How crazy is that?! On the other hand, let’s say you published a blog. The lifetime of that blog all depends on search engines. And unless people are scrolling back ten pages through your blog, which is highly doubtable, the chances of them finding it on their own is incredibly slim to none because you’re competing with similar articles all over Google.

Extends Reach of Website Content

Mapping out a social media strategy can affect SEO and improve your search engine rankings tremendously! This can help you gain authority as a business, however, your strategy needs to be properly executed to be successful.

The last thing you want to do with your social media platforms is building the profiles and just letting them sit there. To get started, we recommend:

  • Optimize your profiles using your keywords in your “About” section that link back to your services on your website.
  • Make sure your contact information is accurate and consistent on all social media platforms.
  • Responding to all reviews, especially negative ones, make your business look involved and trustworthy.
  • Publish consistent and optimized content with your keywords and visuals (pictures, video, live streams, etc)!

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