5 Easy Instagram Tips For Your Business

Stop hitting the snooze button and get social on Instagram. Here are 5 Instagram tips that will ensure your business presence is up-to-date.

For Starters, Optimize Your Bio

As a business owner don’t get carried away just posting awesome images. One of the most important things on your Instagram setup check off lists is your profile set up. You want to make sure you optimize your profile in a way that will represent your business. Some important things you should include in your bio for your business Instagram page should be:

  • A business slogan or description of your products or services
  • A link to your business website
  • A branded hashtag that will help encourage tags and shares
  • Include a promotion, if available
Instagram BIo Set Up

Create Stories

Take advantage of this feature on Instagram, it’s big on content strategy.  There are no exceptions on stories and you have the ability to show off your brand, product or services in action! They’re easy to create and post. Whether you want to share something fun or promote your business, you can do it all on Instagram stories. Do it for the ‘Gram!

instagram stories

The More Video Content, The Better

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine a how many a video is worth! Studies prove that viewers loves videos over images. Why? Well, because our brain is programmed to retain visual content better than a page loaded with words. With videos, you get 2 in 1. A video combines auditory and visual senses. They create higher attention by the movement and noise. Video content is also becoming very popular, so we highly recommend you keep up.

video content on IG

Post During The Best Times

Best times to post depend on your audience and when they’re scrolling through. You can check the insights of your business Instagram profile and see what days and times have a higher engagement rate. Posting randomly or scheduling ads will be ineffective if people are not looking during the times you post. If you need help on how to check that out, we are here to help!

Best times to post on IG

Include A Call-To-Action (CTA)

Tell people what they have to do to get started! Sometimes, it’s not that obvious. The key to CTAs is making them as creative as possible. When posting you should also encourage engagement. The more playful and relatable your post is, the greater chance you have on post engagements. Followers take action when you:

  • Ask questions
  • Publish posts that say tag a friend
  • Point people to your website or bio link
  • Encourage sharing

Completing these 5 tips will get you ahead of a huge chunk of other businesses who are too lazy to get it done. Keep it up and you will eventually receive more followers, likes, engagements and conversions!

Call to action on IG

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