5 Ways To Double Your Engagement On Facebook

Did you notice that your business facebook isn’t getting engagements like it used to? No need to worry. Facebook tends to go through changes in algorithms which tends to affect your engagements. There is no need to create another Facebook profile and start over, set up your posts in a way that will create more engagements. We have listed some strategies you should take a look at and see if you are doing them for your profile.

1. Timing is Everything

There are 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. How do you know when it is the best time to post? Facebook gives you the ability to check “insights,” where it can be easily accessed through your business facebook profile. Look at the analytics and see when people in your area are engaging. On the right side, we have listed sprout social’s stats for Facebook Global Engagement.

Facebook timing for better engagement

2. People like Fresh Content

Create content that is using relevant real-world events so it’s not only you trying to sell your products or services. Remember, it isn’t only about you, it’s about your followers too. If you are too repetitive or “salesy” you can lose followers. The Golden Rule for content curation is:

  • 20% of posts should be self-promotional
  • 80%  of posts should be engaging and interactive content that consists of fascinating facts or stats that are relatable to your followers.

On a side note, proven fact: people will like and follow your page if you make them laugh.

3. Real Images Are BETTER

What kind of images are you using? Maybe it’s time to step up your photo game. Taking nice picture can take a little more time but remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content kills it on Facebook. Try to stay away from stock images. People like to see personality behind your business. Keep in mind, it’s a social network, not a stock photo network.

pictures that create more engagement on Facebook

4. Videos Are More Preferred

If you are trying to spread the word about your business, the best way is through videos.

That means that as long as you have a creative video that is eye-catching and worth sharing, people will share it. That is an easy way to increase engagements of Facebook.

A huge misconception is that you need to hire a whole video crew. FALSE. If you have a smartphone, you’re already halfway there!

5. Long Posts Are BORING

People tend to scroll through their feeds. If you post an essay on your profile, followers more than likely will not read it. Keep it short and sweet. Consider posting questions to your followers, quotes, stats that will require to click for more information. Having 40 characters or less have 86% greater engagement than longer posts.

more facebook engagement

Do you have a strategy to increase Facebook engagement?

All in all, Facebook is a great place to reach out to many individuals that might be interested in what you have to offer. In order to get their attention, you need to offer what they want and more! If you are looking to increase Facebook engagement, you need to have a strategy. Start by implementing some of the tips that have been provided above. If you do not have the time to do so, get in touch with Beyond Media Solutions. We can strategize a plan that is perfect for your business goals and budget!