Why Responding To Good & Bad Reviews Is A Smart Idea

Building relationships with your customers and having positive online reviews gives your business a great online reputation. Because online reviews are very public than traditional in-person customer interactions, it becomes even more critical to demonstrate your commitment to good customer service. Responding to positive and negative reviews not only attracts new customers with your thoughtful, engaged responses, but you also boost customer retention rates which are the key factor to determining how good your customer service is and how quickly you can grow your business.

Reviews Build Search Credibility

In case you didn’t know, responding to reviews actually INCREASES your visibility in the search engines, especially for localized searches. The way that works is when Google ranks a business, they specifically look at the nature and volume of reviews, as well as the consistency.

If you want to benefit from a higher ranking on search engines, you should try encouraging reviewing across multiple platforms. So don’t just stick to one directory, like Yelp — instead, create review opportunities across a number of different sites, especially Google. Asking happy customers to share their positive experience with your business is a great way of receiving genuine and positive reviews and in fact, about 70% of people will follow through with a review when asked!

Responses Build Relationships

In order to run a successful business, business owners have to prioritize their time. If you only have an hour a week or every other week to respond to customer reviews, then it’s smart to spend the most time replying to reviewers who spend the most time on YOU. The more detailed and longer the review, then the more effort you should give responding to it rather than just responding with a quick and generic “Thanks”. Giving short and generic responses seem robotic and they don’t build real relationships and can actually detract from the customer experience.Try to make it as genuine and personalized as possible because a long response to an over-the-top review can turn a happy customer into a loyal customer and an advocate for your business.

Expressing your gratitude towards your customers give them a peace of mind that you took the time to absorb and respond to their thoughts about your services and their experience with your business.

Responses Represent Your Business

When you respond to negative or positive reviews, it allows prospects to learn more about your business and see your reputation. Responding to reviews not only helps you strengthen your relationship with a previous customer, but it also increases the trust and education of prospects who visit your business’s listing and lets them know that you care about your customers and listen to what they have to say. Mentioning little information about your business when responding to reviews, such as when your next big sale is or about a new service, educates customers or prospects more about your business.

If you respond to negative reviews, it allows everyone to hear your side of the story – even if it’s a simple apology and promise to be better. However, you should never debate with customers or sound rude, stuck up, or angry because this could make your business look worse, so even if a negative review frustrates you, try and respond as calmly and courteously as possible and try to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that online reviews and responses are public, so a negative and rude response from you will be seen by everyone who clicks on your listing and they’ll probably go find another business. On the contrary, if you remain silent, you let the negative reviews set the tone for your business, which can really hurt your business.

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