How Important Are Google Reviews For My Business?

When consumers are searching for products/services, the first thing that they look at when they find a new brand is the reviews. Not only do reviews give the consumer more confidence about making a purchase but it also benefits your Google visibility! Although there are other elements to your business reputation, reviews are one of the most important factors. Here are some other reasons why reviews should be a top priority to your business reputation:

Consumer Influence

Did you know that 72% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family? Reviews are now one of the biggest factors when it comes to finding new hot spots to eat, shop, and enjoy entertainment which is why there are now directories and review platforms such as Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and many more!

Consumers aren’t just running across online reviews while surfing the web; many of these consumers are intentionally looking at directories and review platforms to pick the best business or brand that will meet their needs and that they feel confident choosing. In fact, a study found that 88% of consumers consult to reviews before making a purchase and 63% are more likely to make a purchase from a website that has reviews!

Search Engine Optimization

Most businesses owners know the importance of SEO and the factors of it such as keywords, Meta Tags, social media, and all that good stuff, but did you know that Google reviews play a role in SEO as well? In fact, Google reviews make up 10% of how Google decides to rank your business in the search results! And it’s no doubt that these reviews have to be good ones. According to a 2017 Local SEO Ranking Factors study, Google My Business reviews that included a search term were the second most influential factor when examining a local business’ performance in the “Google 3-Pack”, the map box at the top of the relevant searches that includes 3 businesses.

Another reason why Google reviews help with your SEO is that they help generate clicks to your website! Think of it like this – if your search for a spa and come across a 2-star spa and a 5-star spa, which one would you choose? Exactly. So since reviews make your business look trustworthy and worth it, consumers will most likely click on your website to check your business out which helps greatly with click-through rates and bounce rates. By encouraging clicks with high ratings, Google will assume you’re doing something right and they’ll reward you with a boost in rankings.

Brand Awareness

As a business owner, your brand is everything and when you have little to no reviews. Consumers will likely skip your business or may not even see it at all, which is something no business owner wants. This is why it’s crucial to have reviews, good ones to be exact, because when you have great Google reviews and lot of them, your business will be one of the first one in the “Google 3-Pack” and when people search for your products/services, they’ll definitely interact with your listing. And once they make the move, purchase something, and have a great experience, they’re likely to contribute to your Google reviews and tell their friends and family! But it shouldn’t stop there.

When combined with social media, brand awareness works like magic! Posting reviews and specials on social media only encourages more people to purchase or order something from your brand. For example, posting a special such as “Leave us a review and get 15% off next purchase/order” will not only have more people buying from your brand but will help with your reviews significantly!

It’s no longer a secret that having great reviews and a clean reputation is the most effective way of growing your business. If your business doesn’t have great reviews then people will most likely not trust your business and will go to a competitor, so confide in Beyond Media Solutions to help with your reputation management! This will not only help with an increase in sales but with building consumer trust and business credibility. Get in touch today!