How Can Bing Ads Help My Business?

When you think of search engines, the first one to come to mind is always Google. Bing tends to get left out because almost everyone in the world uses Google, but they’re search engines too and are just as important as Google. Google’s US desktop search market share in February 2018 was almost two-thirds, 63.2% to be exact, so it’s safe to say that Google has been most marketers’ primary focus for a while. But what is the other one-third? The other one-third is 35.6%, 23.7% is Bing and 11.9% is Yahoo! and AOL, is impressively high in the search engine market and believe it or not, Bing Ads can help your website traffic and marketing as well! Here’s how:

You’ll Face Lower Competition

This is a great reason to add Bing Ads to your SEO strategy! So make a conscious effort not to overlook Bing Ads because fewer of your competitors are looking for a ranking position on Bing.

With most marketers only marketing on Google because of its large share of search traffic, there are fewer competitors on Bing. So since you’re in direct competition with fewer businesses on these search engines, you’re more likely to get a higher spot in search results, a bigger share of an audience, and targeted web traffic on Bing than you will get if you’re only limited to Google.

Bing Traffic Converts Better Than Google’s

Bing traffic generally has a better conversion rate Google’s and this is an observation many marketers made. In fact, Bing’s average CTR (click-through-rate) is about 50% higher than what we see on AdWords, and industries have a higher average CTR than what we normally see on Google. This may be because Bing’s expanded text ads boast a much higher CTR than those on AdWords.

Bing users that click PPC ads tend to be more engaged with the sites and landing pages they’re sent to. They also convert at much higher rates! One study mentioned that users were converting at 10%-56% higher rates than Google ads!

Should You Use Bing Ads or Google Ads?

Hopefully, by now, it’s understood the best digital advertising strategy is to use both platforms simultaneously if your budget allows it.

However, Google AdWords may be essential with digital ads, but Bing is perfect for complementing your PPC strategy and filling any gaps in your online presence! With Bing Ads accompanying your AdWords campaigns, you can expand the reach into new and unique territories. And even though Google has more search volume, Bing boasts higher positioning, less bidding competition, and generally a lower cost-per-click!

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