How To Build Links & Why It’s Important

If you’re going to want to win over the search engines by getting high website rankings and getting more exposure online, then you’re going to have to build links! Backlinks are the essential building blocks for great SEO because the amount of backlinks that a website has is an indicator of its popularity or relevance with the search engines. Search engines such as Google tend to give more credibility and higher rankings to websites with a large number of quality backlinks. So how do you get these backlinks? Read on and you’ll find out!


You may have heard the term, “clickbait”, which is a link which entices you to click on it. Linkbait, however, is the same idea but this technique requires quality content that will encourage people to click and drive links to your website.

However, in order to successfully execute this method, you’re going to have to know your target audience. The way to do this is posting different types of content and analyzing how your audience reacts to it. If your content is awesome then people are bound to talk about it. Think about it this way.. If you see a great movie, then you’re going to share about it right? Linkbait is the same idea!

Need some content inspiration? Typically, videos speak better towards the average Internet user since they do watch approximately 206 videos per month and videos are processed 60,000 times faster than text!

Guest Blogging

A highly effective link building strategy is guest posting. This strategy not only allows you to earn backlinks but a new audience and website traffic as well!

If you’re having trouble finding guest blogging opportunities, then give LinkAssistant a try! It’s the fastest and easiest way to find guest post opportunities. All you have to do is:

  • Start the tool and create a new project for your site.
  • Click on “Look for Prospects” on the left-hand corner and choose “Guest Posting” as a research method.
  • Once you click on “Guest Posting” then you need to enter industry specific keywords. Try not to use your branded keywords because you’ll have a hard time finding blogs that talk about the exact service your business offers.
  • Once you have specific keywords, boom, you’ll end up with a list of guest blogging opportunities as well as contact emails.


Infographics remain as one of the most popular methods for bringing traffic to your website and gaining valuable backlinks. People love these because they’re easy to understand and share across social media. After all, people love visuals!

In order to create a successful and unique infographic, then you have to create a unique and interesting story for your target audience. So be sure to follow currently trending topics and know what people are looking for, after that, you can create your infographic using statistical and correct data.

If you’re having trouble creating one then try using Dribble or Fiverr to find and contact graphic designers with great portfolios!

If you follow just a few of these effective link building strategies then we guarantee that you’ll start seeing results in no time!

Need help building link effectively and successfully? Get in touch with us! We specialize in modern SEO strategies that can get your website ranking on the search engines in no time! Want to read more about backlinks? Then check out Link Assistant’s blog on how to build backlinks and more!