How Important Is Video Marketing For My Business?

If you haven’t noticed already, using video content marketing is a huge trend in the marketing industry. In fact, YouTube is one of the largest video platforms on the Internet and while video marketing isn’t on many small business owners marketing agenda, it definitely should be. Why? Nowadays, when people see long text, they skip past it because reading is a waste of time to them; people now enjoy watching videos because they’re quick, easy, and engaging, which is why video marketing is on the constant rise.

Videos Improves SEO

Using video in your content marketing arsenal will undoubtedly improve your SEO by a longshot if done correctly. In fact, half of consumers who watch product videos online, it helps them make a more confident purchasing decision.

According to MarTech, adding video content to your website increases the chance of a front page Google ranking by 53 times as well! People who watch videos on a site actually stay two minutes longer than the average person on a site, this could also help your website’s bounce rate!

Videos Boost Conversions & Sales

Adding video content to your website or social media pages can actually help generate sales and conversions. In fact, adding product video on your website can increase conversions by 80%!

Also adding videos explaining your products, this can lead directly to a sale. According to  Wyzol, 74% of consumers who watched an explainer-video about a product actually ended up buying it!

Think about how pictures already massively boost engagement on social media, just imagine what moving pictures can do!

Videos Build Trust and Engagement

Trust is huge when it comes to choosing a business and using video content can help you in that department. The whole concept of content marketing is based on building trust and creating long-term relationships with customers. In fact, 57% of consumers say that watching product videos gave them more confidence to purchase online.

Video content is also the most likely to engage with people and create emotions. According to Content Marketing Institute, people are 10 times more likely to engage with videos than blogs!

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