Easy Ways To Promote Your Business On Facebook

So you’ve got the first step down which is creating your business Facebook page.

Now what?

How can you start to promote your business’s new Facebook Page and get people to start engaging with it? Well in order to start connecting with your audience on your Facebook Page, there are a few things you need to do first to put your Facebook Page out there. Here are a few easy ways to promote your new page:

1. Adding a Follow Button On Your Website

Adding your Facebook page on your website is an awesome way to put your Facebook Page out there and makes it easy for your website visitors to Like your page by adding a Like Button to your website. This gives you a chance to connect with your website visitors and audience and starts the relationship with your audience.

2. Create a Facebook Ad

Promoting a Facebook Post is an easy and inexpensive way to get your page in front of a new relevant audience. Facebook Ads help you extend your audience reach and also target who you want to reach based on location, interest, or and even their purchasing behaviour. Many businesses have been able to increase their sales using Facebook Ads, even with a limited budget!

Facebook also offers various types of ads for your specific goals such as:

  • Getting more website clicks
  • Receiving more website conversions (Turning website visitors into sales, leads, or subscribers)
  • Getting more engagements on your posts
  • Getting more Page likes
  • Getting more App installs or engagement
  • Gaining more exposure for your business’s upcoming event
  • Gaining more views on your videos
  • Driving more people to your store by special offers
  • Guaranteed ad placement

3. Use Emojis in Your Facebook Posts

Using Emojis make your business’s Facebook posts more engaging, fun and attractive and they add more personality and feel to your business. In fact, in May 2015, WordStream’s data-scientist, Mark Irvine, found that posts and ads with Emojis get a far higher click-through-rates than posts and ads without Emojis. Also, 92% of online users use Emojis and frequent users feel that Emojis express their feelings more than using just text.

Think of Emojis like dogs or babies; people just love them.

4. Maintain Consistency in Posting

If you’re not consistent with your Facebook posting, content and your overall business message, you lose followers and customers alike. Consistency is the most important factor in establishing a brand that customers love. It shapes the perceptions people have for your brand.

The more consistent you are with posting, the more relatable and credible you become. And the more this happens, the larger the number of loyal followers and customers buying from you. With 90% of loyal customers buying from an online brand they trust and spending 60% more, you can’t ignore consistency in Facebook posts.

5. Focus More On Videos Than Text

According to a Social Media Daily guide on gaining Facebook likes and increasing engagement shows that visual content engages all aspect of senses and increases both interest and interaction from your users. Also, a report by Cisco projects stated that video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019!

As technology advances, people’s attention span is getting shorter, but it’s no one’s fault. When content is matched with pictures or video, people will remember 65% of the information 2 days later and only 10% of information without visuals. So in simple terms, visuals to people are very important and help them remember information a lot longer. Based on this, more people are using videos on social media, with 74% of marketers in 2016 using visuals alongside content. If you’re not posting visuals to get your business’s message across, more than likely people aren’t interested in reading what you have to say.

6. Have Reviews On Your Page

Almost every internet user today use reviews as part of the decision-making process before making a purchase for product or service. In fact, according to Ad Week, 81% of shoppers conduct online research on services, brands, or products before making big purchases. So if a prospect comes across your Facebook Page and doesn’t see reviews or only sees bad reviews, believe us, your business won’t make the cut for them and they’ll go to your competitor.

Building trust with customers is a crucial role every business need to possess because, without trust, customers will not be returning, they won’t refer people, and most importantly, they’ll look elsewhere.

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