4 Reasons Customers Never Return For Repeat Business

Whether you are running a multimillion dollar business or just opened up, it is always extremely important to receive repeat business. Repeat customers are amazing for so many reasons! Especially because they typically spend 80% more than any first-time buyer. But first, let’s start with pointing out why customers are NOT coming back to you.

Customers will NOT return if:

  • They had a bad experience
  • They don’t feel like VIP’s
  • They forget about you
  • They don’t see value in your product or services

Customer Service

Customers are everything to a business. If you have no customers, you have no business. During the Great Depression of 1920only those businesses who offered excellent customer service along with a valuable product endured the toughest market crash.

Here are some to list a few:

  • Ford Motor
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Coca-Cola
  • General Electric
  • Deere & Co.


A lot of businesses offer great customer service when the customer is new and don’t follow through for the life of the product and or service. That is something that is so common. It is important that you have 100% customer satisfaction from the first time you speak to a customer until you are ready to give them up. Hopefully, that is never!


Are you treating your customers like VIPs?

All businesses can offer great introductory customer service. Half of the businesses follow through with good customer services. But only half of those do a really good job at it. Those who treat all their customers like VIPs will probably keep their customers forever. Here are some quick ideas on ways to make your customers feel super special!

  • Special discounts or offers on their next purchase
  • Loyalty program that rewards each purchase
  • Going that extra mile to make them feel special
  • Send a “thank you” email after a purchase
  • Remember special occasions like their Birthday, Holidays, etc

Don’t let them forget about you.

Often times, after a purchase the customer moves on. It is your responsibility to collect emails, addresses or phone numbers from your buyers and prospects. ‘Brand Recall’ is a term loved by advertisers. To have a customer recognize your brand and product is amazing! There are a few things that you can do to make sure they never forget about you.

  • Make your packaging or logo unique, fun and memorable
  • Advertise on Social Media (& anywhere else prospects are)
  • Newsletters
  • Email Marketing

Do your customers know how valuable your service or product is?

This one can be a bit tricky since most businesses are different in many ways. If you don’t hype up your product or service with real passion, no one will be too excited about it either. You can hype up a temporary offer, service, or your entire business through the consistent use of social media and some advertisement. Following The Elements of Value Pyramid from Harvard Business Review can definitely help prospects select value over cost and keep them coming back!

Level 1 (base level): Functional Value

  • How is your product or service useful?
  • Does it reduce effort?
  • Does it reduce costs?
  • Does it organize?
  • Does it avoid hassles?
  • Does it inform?

Level 2: Emotional Values

How does your product or service make people feel?

  • Does it reduce anxiety?
  • Does it make people happier?
  • Does it help improve people’s wellness?
  • Does it provide entertainment?

Level 3: Life Changing Values

How does your service or product promise a personal transformation?

  • Does it motivate?
  • Does it offer hope?
  • Does it give belief in something or others?
  • Does it help with commitment?

Level 4: Social Impact

How does your product or service impact your community or the world?

  • A good example can be TOMS Shoes. They offer value to someone other than the customer by giving away a free pair to a child in need.

Stuck on any of the steps above? Don’t stress, give us a call today. Free 30 minute consultations are available on anything digital marketing. Increase the number of customers that return for more and attract new ones with the help of our marketing experts.