Avoid These Local SEO Mistakes!

It’s no secret that Google Maps is the go-to directory when it comes to finding ANY business information. Want your Google Map listing to make you some serious money? Then your business is going to have to be one of the top three on Google Maps to reach customers that are looking for you! To rank, you’re going to have to avoid these mistakes!

Inconsistent Listing Info

When robots crawl the web, it takes a look at your business NAP (name, address, phone number) and how consistent it is across the web. If your business listings are not consistent, then Google will see your business information as misleading, which will result in your listing being push down on Google Maps.

The real secret to progress up on Google Maps is to have your NAP match EVERYWHERE on the web. If you haven’t yet listed your business on directories, a great place to start is Google My Business or Yelp.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when someone lists as many SEO service keywords, irrelevant or not, onto a page in order to manipulate their page to rank high on the SERPs. This method did work at a point in time, but when Google figured it out, they updated their algorithm in order to stop keyword stuffing from happening and now penalizes websites who practice this method. Your page could either be demoted or even removed!

WordStream gives a great example of keyword stuffing in their article:

Are you looking for cheap running shoes? If you’re looking for cheap running shoes, look no further. Our cheap running shoes website is the best place to order your new cheap running shoes. Feel free to check out our selection of cheap running shoes from our cheap running shoes selection below.

I mean, if that example doesn’t make you cringe, then we don’t know what will!

Lack of Reviews Or Having Bad Reviews

Reviews are a huge component of your listing rankings. In fact, research shows that around 86% of potential customers will NOT purchase products or services from a business with negative reviews.

Every person who is researching a business almost ALWAYS look at reviews first and will read reviews as well. In fact, during the last couple of years, the popularity of online reviews has grown significantly because they help prospects have confidence in their decision of choosing a business, a restaurant, hotels, etc. The business world revolves around reviews and ratings, and if your business has no reviews or tons of bad ones, don’t expect a very high local SEO ranking or much business.

No Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, mobile runs the world. In fact, mobile devices are projected to reach almost 79% of GLOBAL internet use by the end of this year! This means that web searches around the world will mostly come from mobile devices! (How crazy is that?!)

So if your business’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, the people who visit your website will have a very hard time reading your content, seeing pictures, seeing the design, and will more than likely get frustrated and leave your website as quick as they can. Google also ranks your page based on how low the bounce rate of your website is, which means how many people leave your website right after clicking on it. If the bounce rate is high, then Google sees that your website isn’t user-friendly will push your website down since it’s not developed well. If you’re interested in testing if your website is mobile-friendly, try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test!

If you apply these tips to your SEO methods, then you’ll definitely see an increase in your business listing rankings!