How to get access to your Google My Business Listing

Do you see your listing on Google Maps but you cannot claim it or access it?

Chances are that it’s already claimed. Based on our experience, here are the top issues we run into & how to solve them…easily!

Problem 1: You don’t remember or know the email & password

To have a Google My Business listing you typically had to make a Gmail account if you didn’t have one already. A few years go by and that piece of napkin you wrote your Gmail account on and the password is nowhere to be found…shoot!

Or maybe you hired a company to set it up for you and they stopped answering your calls.

What you need to do is (follow along with images):

  1. Go to the Google My Business website
  2. Log in with a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, make a new one. Yes, another one. Save your Gmail and password in a safe place.
  3. As soon as you are logged in, you will see a screen that says ‘Manage Locations’. You shouldn’t have any, so it will be blank.
  4. Click on ‘Add Location
  5. The next window should ask you to enter the name of the business. IMPORTANT: Here, enter the name of your business THE SAME WAY IT IS ON THE LIVE LISTING.
  6. After you enter the name you should get suggestions for the listing that already exists, such as the example to the right
    • The listing did not come up!
      • It’s ok, keep filling in the information the same way it is on the listing for the following steps. As you enter more stuff the listing suggestion can come up.
      • IF you get to the point where you are requesting the Mailed verification & the suggested listing did not come up, request the mail verification & call Google at the number below. Explain the issue. They might make your re-do step 6 again.
  7. The next window will tell you that the listing is already claimed by someone. It will partially display the email that has access to the listing.
    • IF this bit that is revealed sparks up your memory, exit & log in with the right email.
    • IF you don’t recognize the bit that is revealed, continue to the next step.
  • 8.  Click ‘Request Access

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What Does ‘Request Access’ Do?

When you request access, what happens is Google emails the current owner asking them to give you access at the new email you created. They have 7 – 14 days to respond. Google will also email you about this.

When the 14 days have passed and they don’t respond, reply to the email Google sent you with a follow-up.

The listing will be released for claiming.

Find the listing and click Claim This Business.

Follow the steps to complete the process. Need help? Read our blog on how to claim your Google My Business Listing.

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What if the Current Owner Denies My Access Request?

If they current owner denies the access to your listing, things get a bit complicated.

You will have to follow up on the email that Google sent to you originally and explain that it is your listing. It helps to ask the Google rep if you can provide proof that you are the owner.

Google might request a video call, licensing images, EIN, etc. to verify this.

The next step typically is to release the listing for claiming.


This can get pretty frustrating when you are pressured with other tasks or if computer stuff is just not your field. Send us a request on the form below & we can try to help as much as possible.

You can also call Google for help & support.


If you apply these tips to your SEO methods, then you’ll definitely see an increase in your business listing rankings!