FAQs: Google My Business Edition

You may be familiar with Google Maps, whether you use it for navigation or finding new restaurants, stores, etc. But how do those businesses get put on Google Maps? Simple! With Google My Business, previously known as Google Maps, business owners have the chance to upload their business and business information so they get a chance to show up when potential customers are actively looking for their services or products. As simple as this sounds, there still lies much confusion since Google is constantly updating their policies and features so without further ado, here are FAQs on Google My Business, or GMB.

Can people make changes to my Google listing?

Yes! Just like Yelp, Google My Business allows for people to either suggest or make an edit to a business listing, including your competition. Now, this may sound unfair to some business owners, but if someone makes incorrect edits, business owners always have a few days to review and approve (or disapprove) the suggested edits before they are changed.

If that ever does happen, GMB will NOT notify you if changes have been made to your listing, so it’s crucial to always be checking in on your listing to update incorrect information if any. Also, keep in mind that having the correct information on your Google My Business listing is extremely important. Known as your NAP (business name, address, and phone number), if there are inconsistencies on other online directories such as Yelp or Facebook, you can be hurting your rankings. Some examples are “Tony’s Auto Shop, LLC” and “Tonys Auto Shop”. Although to you, they are the same, it’s very important that you select a way to spell and display your business name & stick with it!

Should I use hashtags in my GMB Posts?

No, Google My Business posts are NOT social media posts, also it’s a waste of space since you only have 1,500 characters to use in your post. Since the text does get cut off and people need to click on your post to read the whole thing, it’s important to put the MOST IMPORTANT information at the beginning of it, which is why the ideal post length should be between 150-300 characters. Also, just an FYI, adding hashtags to your post won’t help with rankings in any way.

These posts  are best used to promote your business and to post things prospects will be interested in such as:

  • New things going on at your business
  • Events
  • Special offers, promotions, coupons, etc
  • New products or services

The posts only stay live for seven days, then they “expire”, however past posts are still visible when a live post is clicked on, giving people the chance to see all of your posts.

Can I remove fake reviews?

Ask yourself this question first: Is it a TRULY fake review or do you just not like the review due to it being negative or a low rating? If you want the negative review/rating removed because you don’t agree with it, Google most likely NOT remove it. As far as it being a fake negative review (i.e. a competitor or your crazy ex left a bad review), in order for Google to take it down it must violate Google’s Review Policies. If the fake review is still not taken down, it’s best to politely respond to the reviewer letting them know that they were never a customer/client and asking them to take down the review/rating. This will not only let people know that it was fake, but that you cared enough to address to issue head-on. If you want to know more about how to respond to reviews and why it’s important to do so, click here.

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