What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is the game changer of all the web mapping services. Why? Because Google Maps offers many features such as:

  • Updated satellite images
  • 360° panoramic views of streets
  • Route planning for pedestrians, bikers, and buses
  • Real-time traffic conditions
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • And of course, ANYTHING near you

Google Maps also provides you with the quickest routes to get to your destination and combines historical traffic data built up over the years, information from the Waze app, and incident reports from local departments of transportation. It’s also multilingual to suit the user’s language. The great thing about Google Maps that it’s completely accessible and free both on the web and the smartphone app stores. Over the past few years, location-related searches have been growing 50% faster than mobile searches over all, as stated by WordStream. Chances are you are using Google Maps to look for a local service and so are your customers! Get in touch with us for a FREE 30-minute consultation on how your local business can be a highly recommended option for those looking for your services.


The Perks

The Google Maps user interface is also linked with Google My Business which is probably the best part of it. With this feature, you could search up local and global restaurants, stores, businesses, etc. Google Maps will pull up all the information regarding the business listing you searched for such as:

  • Reviews
  • Address
  • Business hours
  • Photos
  • Business Google Posts
  • Website Phone number
  • Navigation to the business

Why Google Maps is #1

The popularity of Google Maps has skyrocketed beating Apple Maps, Waze, Mapquest, and all the other GPS apps. In August 2013, Google Maps was announced as the world’s most popular app for smartphones and had over 54% of global smartphone users. It is always listed in the top 10 for the Top Charts in the smartphones app stores. Google Maps is a highly recommended GPS system among many because you have your own little computer in the palm of your hands.