Is Email Marketing Worth It?

Many small business owners wonder if email marketing is worth it in 2018 since social media marketing is getting bigger and bigger each year. You may be wondering how you can connect with and build relationships with customers through email, but believe it or not, email marketing is a powerful opportunity for that!

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of just a few reasons why email marketing is one of the best kinds of marketing tactics that small businesses should invest in!

Consumers Prefer Email

A study from Marketing Sherpa reported that 72% of consumers actually prefer receiving promotional messages through email. Although social media has become the most popular way for small businesses to communicate with their niche audience, some small businesses just can’t get the organic reach that they’re looking for. This is where email marketing comes in! Emails provide a more professional and direct method that allows businesses to reach out to their prospects and leads.

So why are email more preferred by customers? Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s convenient! They can access their email on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • It’s personal. Consumers hate being bombarded with marketing emails, which is why they respond better to personalized messages. The more personal the message, the more connected they feel with your business.
  • It’s instant. Consumers love the ability to get information about promotions and last-minute sales. Email marketing allows your business to send out personalized sale and promotional emails instantly.

Reach More Mobile Consumers

Mobile is taking over the world and today’s consumer has always got their smartphone handy, which is why email marketing is ideal for reaching your niche market. Although not every consumer shops straight from their smartphone, however many do check their emails from their smartphone. Believe it or not, reading and sending emails is one of the most popular pastimes for smartphone users! In fact, 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices and 69% of mobile users users will delete emails that don’t fit their device. Since more consumers are going mobile everyday, email marketing is a great way of catching the attention of that growing audience.

High ROI

Email marketing provides a huge ROI, which many business owners actually find hard to believe. In fact, for every dollar spent, the average email marketing ROI is $44.25! Crazy right?! In fact, email allows you to reach a wide and willing marketing while also keeping your costs low. And another huge benefit is helping drive traffic to your business website! Think of it like this, people subscribed to your email list are more likely to be qualified leads which means that the traffic will actually be relevant which increases the chances of conversion. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re working with a limited budget, it’s crucial to get the most out of your marketing campaign and investing in email marketing is a great way to do that! Not only will you be spending a lot less compared to traditional marketing, but you’ll also be getting a HUGE ROI!

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