Why Should Business Owners Invest in Digital Marketing?

In today’s society, “word of mouth” and being in the Yellowbook won’t benefit your business as much as being all over the Internet. People don’t really take the time to crack open an outdated Yellowbook to find the services or products they’re looking for because they have Google on hand. This is why Digital Marketing has gotten so popular over the years and why so many business owners have made the switch! Here are a few huge reasons why every business owner should invest in Digital Marketing:


Your website not only will list your products/services, business history, information, and portfolio, but it will act as a salesperson 24/7. The purpose of your website is to answer the questions that your customers or prospects will have, make your business look trustworthy and legitimate, and make your prospects convert to a lead.

If prospects don’t like your website or it takes too long to load, they’ll immediately click out and there’s goes your chance of getting a lead. In fact, 94% of negative website feedback was based on design and 39% of people will click out of a website if it’s taking too long to load. This is why it’s important to invest in a great digital marketing company who specializes in website design and optimization in order for your business’s website to rank on the search engines while also making a great first impression on prospects.

Online Visibility

Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”, and he wasn’t kidding. According to a Forbes report, almost 82% of consumers conduct online research about products/services before they go into a store and if they can’t find your website or social media profiles, your business technically doesn’t exist to them. In fact, people nowadays tend to shop online more than physically going into a store to shop.

Shopping online is more accessible, easier, and faster which is why more people prefer filling their online cart and if your business isn’t hopping on this new trend, you’ll be failing to reach a global audience and earn higher revenues.

Real-Time Results

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing provides business owners with real-time results which helps them figure out what is and isn’t working for their campaign in order to adjust their strategy right away. There are many online tools that can help business owners measure their website traffic such as Google Analytics and tools to help manage their business listing such as Google My Business. Each of these tools provides information about your business and are easy to use!

High ROI

Since there are so many aspects of Digital Marketing, such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, etc, you can definitely earn a high ROI off of each aspect. If your marketing campaigns are setup correctly and effectively, then you can expect great results and a high ROI. For every dollar that you spend on marketing, your business should stand out from your competition, bring in more leads, and have high conversions. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, business owners can expect to earn $38 of revenue on average and for every $1 spent on Google AdWords, business owners should expect to make $2 in revenue.

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