How Visual Search Will Affect SEO In The Future

The Internet is quickly becoming the place of visual stories. Just take a look at the most popular apps such as Periscope, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Youtube Live! However when it comes to digital marketing and visual search, Google holds the crown. Nowadays, people want to see a video or a photo rather than text when they search something online. Why? Visual answers are easier to understand and process than text since the human brain is pretty much hardwired to absorbing images.

Visual Search & E-Commerce

Obviously, the visuals of a website attract more users than the text alone. Websites that have relevant images and videos earn 94% more views than websites having huge paragraphs as their content. The more people that are engaging in your E-Commerce site, people will place more orders which earns you more money!

Humans process images 60,000x faster than text, which is why we tend to forget text but remember the visuals. Because of this, e-Commerce sites usually are recommended to ensure the display of visuals in order to improve the SEO and the website usability. Also, customers are 80% more willing to engage with content that includes relevant images, which gives you more clicks and impressions on social media.

Visual answers are easier to understand and process for customers. Visuals are always the way to go.

Will Visual Search Replace Text-Based Search?

Text keywords still remain as an important part of how search engines find and catalogue your images, so if you implement visual search, you’re still going to need rich keywords and detailed metadata. The foundation of a truly great visual search platform is compelling images.

It’s not said that visual search will takeover text-based search, but in an industry that’s already reliant on beautiful images to appeal it’s audience, it’s certainly a trend to look out for.