Most Common SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

SEO is one of the most misunderstood parts of publishing a website. However, you don’t have to make the most common mistakes business owners tend to make when they’re new to the whole process and instead of seeing massive traffic and increasing conversion rates, the results can be quite the opposite for them. If you’re new to SEO and want to avoid these commonly made mistakes, then keep on reading!

1. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Optimizing is all about the keywords that you want your website to rank for. But are you choosing the right ones?

One of the most common SEO mistakes that business owners make in selecting keywords is disregarding the preference of search engines and users for long-tail keywords. Although you might define your products or services in a certain way, it’s important to understand what words prospects would use to refer to them. Sometimes the terms you consider correct might mean something totally different for prospects, or could even be too generic. In either case, you might be optimizing for all the wrong keywords, which leads to poor results.

We recommend doing research on what keywords prospects are looking under when searching for your products or services. Using tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help track the pulse of trending and adequate keywords for your services or products.

2. Poor Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Using the correct title tags and meta descriptions are essential elements of SEO that should not be forgotten. There are some people who don’t write eye-catching title tags for the key pages of their site. Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing rely on the title tag because it acts as a hook for the content of your page when people are looking for your products or services. These optimizing factors are considered by search engines when scanning your website, so if properly done, they can improve the performance of your content.

3. Publishing Non-Original Content

Another huge mistake that business owners make when building their website is using the unoriginal content. Many people just copy and paste content from other companies but they don’t know how bad it is to do that! Duplicate content is seen as a spammy practice and it’s highly discouraged by search engines.

Instead of ripping off copy content, it’s worth investing in fresh and original optimized content. This helps your website rank high on the search engines!

4. Not Being Mobile-Friendly

SEO optimization is not only about content and keywords. It’s also about the quality of your website and performance on mobile devices, which are prospect’s top choice today. Search engines recognize when your website isn’t mobile friendly which jeopardizes your rating on search engines, as well as load speed. Not having a mobile-friendly website also frustrates mobile users, and when they don’t have a pleasant experience on your website, they tend to click out and go to your competitor’s website.

5. Forgetting About Analytics

The only way to know if your SEO optimization and content efforts are doing well is to track the progress! Many business owners disregard the numbers, but this is a huge mistake! Setting up and checking up on your analytics is ideal for your optimization results. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to measure and get an overview of your website’s performance.

6. Lack of Website Promotion

It’s very important that you’re promoting your website on social media and just about everywhere you can. Driving traffic to your website really benefits your website ranking and also gets more people exposed to your business. It’s important to get people talking about your business because this can lead to higher conversion rates and website traffic!

7. Expecting Significant Results Overnight

This is probably the number one mistake that business owners tend to make. It’s crucial to realize the SEO is an evolving process that requires patience and a long time investment. You can’t expect instant first page and spot rankings even if you have the best content, optimized pictures, and an awesome website. Typically it takes about 30-90 days for a website to rank on Google and even then, it takes progress to get to the first page of Google. But we can guarantee that it’s worth the wait.

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of any marketing strategy today. Although, you can find countless advice, articles, and videos online, making a few typical SEO mistakes is fairly common. But, it’s better to be aware of these mistakes and avoid them in your marketing efforts. If you need assistance in your SEO marketing, then get in touch with Beyond Media Solutions today!