5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Website

Did you know that more than half of small businesses don’t have websites? Small business owners often struggle to determine what is most important for their company. One crucial area more than half of these business owners overlook is having a website to increase exposure and drive commerce. According to Business Insider, only 51% percent of small businesses have websites. Why is this important, you may ask? Some small business owners say they don’t have enough time, they think a website costs too much or be too hard, or they believe a website won’t bring in more business and do not see the value of having a website. However, the reality is quite the contrary. Here are 5 reasons a website is crucial to your business.

1. Attracts Customers

An optimized website allows your customers to learn more about your business and what services you can offer. In fact, customers expect your business to be online and to be on Google Maps. According to a survey, 97% of consumers search online for products and services. With an increase in the number of smartphones and tablets, almost everyone has the internet on hand. If your potential customer or client can’t find you while they’re out and about looking for your services, you’re losing out on business and not increasing awareness to your business. Your business may as well be invisible. Let’s face it, with today’s technology, we have to make some adjusts with our marketing in order to be a recommended option on the search results whether it is Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

2. Provides Immediate Access To Your Services

A website is accessible 24/7 and you can’t predict when someone will be looking for information about your services or products. This is where a website comes in handy because this allows your customers to reach you even when your business is open. A website should include the pertinent information a customer will need to learn more about your company, such as a description of your products and services, directions to your location, customer reviews and hours of operation. Some marketing companies such as Beyond Media Solutions, have tracking systems within a website that lets you track visits to a website along with leads that come through a website.       

3. Build Credibility

Not having a website nowadays is like not having the name of your business on the building. It can cause your customers to doubt the credibility of your business. Many affordable options are available to help you develop an online presence, now is the time to show customers that they are important to you and you are committed to your business.

4. Beat Your Competition

The internet has become the new Yellow Pages phone book, in case you didn’t know. Customers are constantly searching online to compare prices and services. With the majority of your competitors online anytime, the longer you wait to create a website, the more business you could lose.

5. Cheaper And More Effective Advertising

Newspaper, billboards, and television ads can be quite pricey, especially for a small business. A website can be a more manageable and inexpensive option. Brainstorm ways to use your website to create leads and sales opportunities by offering special coupons or incentives for following your company on multiple social media platforms. The more you can share about your business, the more success you will likely receive!

You don’t have to manage the complexities of your small business alone. At Beyond Media Solutions, we are the experts at building websites and generating more business for you! Give us a call today or fill out our form to schedule your free 30-min consultation! Let us help you dominate your local market!