How To Make Your Blog More Interactive

Have you ever heard a business owner say, “ I don’t have a website for my business”? In this generation, you hear that once in a blue moon because if business owners do NOT have a website, they’re pretty much invisible to society. Every business owner NEEDS a website if they WANT to succeed. However, the real question here is do these business owners have a blog on their website? Blogs serve a great purpose such as providing information, educating your visitors on your industry, and providing entertainment. But how do you make your blog more interactive and entertaining? Here are a few ideas:

Use Interactive Chats

In this digital era we’re living in, speed is crucial! What better way to be interactive than to chat with your visitors?  So what’s so important about chat? Live chat has the convenience to chat with your visitors directly while also answering the questions your visitors have that your service pages or blog don’t have.

Live chat can also bring in a huge increase in leads since visitors are directly chatting with you through your website since they already feel comfortable by you answering the questions they have. This develops a loyalty and an appreciation since visitors feel more connected to your brand which then encourages them to make a purchase!

Build A Quiz

Did you know that 96% of people that start a quiz on Buzzfeed finish them? That’s a huge number right?! Not only does this show that Buzzfeed has a big audience reading their blogs, but many people actually interact with them. You may not get a whooping number of 96% however, once your website visitor starts the process, they’re more than likely to finish it to get the results. But do keep in mind that your quiz has to be relevant to your industry while also being entertaining.

Not only will the quiz encourage engagement and interactivity, but they’ll also likely produce leads and conversions! Another great thing about adding quizzes to your blogs is that it will decrease your bounce rate since visitors will be staying on your website longer, which is great for your SEO and SERP rankings. Interested in adding a quiz to your website? Qzzr is a great tool that will have a quiz up and running in only minutes!

Conduct Surveys

We’ve all been asked to fill out a survey at least once in our lifetime. But, they serve a great purpose, especially when it comes to businesses. They’re also a great way of getting a ton of interaction on your blog. All it takes is just asking a few questions that are related to your blog topic or industry and watch the feedback skyrocket and your bounce rate plummet!

So what would be some great ideas for the survey? Well, here’s a few ideas:

  • “What type of content would you want to see more?”
  • “How did you find this blog?”
  • “What are you hoping to gain from us?”
  • “What type of results are you hoping for from your website?”
  • Etc.

Qualroo is a great tool for conducting surveys and is easy to set up!

Embed Other Media

In this generation, people are not very fond of reading. Instead, they rely on video to retain information which is why it’s important to switch up your content since everyone has different ways of consuming content.

For example, recording a summary of your content and giving people the option to listen to the summary while they’re on your blog post so they don’t have to go through the “trouble” of reading it. Another great alternative to text is embedding an interactive presentation, such as a Prezi, in order for your visitors to interact with your blog. Not only will your visitors retain the information better than reading a long blog post, but they’re likely to come back to your future blogs since they appreciate the variety of choices they can retain the information.

Making your blogs more interactive will not only encourage visitors to engage with it, but they’re likely to stay on your website longer and are more likely to take action and convert! Ready to get interactive? Allow Beyond Media Solutions to help!