Why Copying Your Competitors Content Is A Bad Idea

“Our competitor is doing this, so we should do it too!”

Everyone loves hacks or anything that can help save time and work smarter, more specifically businesses and content marketers. They’re consuming blog posts, books, podcasts, and videos almost on the daily in order to help them work smarter and to ideally execute their content marketing strategy. However, for some, an even quicker and common hack is copying competitor’s content. The problem with this, however, is copying content could actually hurt your marketing strategy.

Competitors Likely Don’t Know What They’re Doing

Sometimes, your competition is just as clueless as you are or maybe even worse. For all you know, the competitors you’re planning to copy could also be copying another competitor and it could be an endless, repetitive cycle.

Competitors may also be going off opinions too. For example, some businesses go off the opinion of their own staff, even if they’re the least qualified for content marketing.

You Don’t Know What They’re Doing Correctly

So your competitors increased their followers, have received more leads, and are making bank. Obviously, their content marketing is working nicely for them.

If you can’t pinpoint what it is that is working for them, then maybe you should try your own marketing strategy. The fate of your content marketing shouldn’t depend on your competitor, but blindly copying them and hoping for the best is the worst thing you can do.

Your Audience May Be Different From Theirs

Obviously, everybody is different and your audience and your competitor’s audience are too. If you’re copying your competitors content, then you’re technically speaking to their audience, not yours.

Although your business offers the same services as yours, your audience is likely to be different. Chances are, your audience will not react to or read their landing page copy, blog posts, or product descriptions in the same way that their audience will. Trying to copy your competitor’s tone of voice doesn’t always work on your audience because your business and your competitor aren’t ultimately the same.

You Don’t Have The Same Resources They Do

This is probably the most important of all. By resources, we mean tools, software, staff, budget, and a marketing company, if they have one. These all work together.

Although your competitors’ content marketing strategy may look easy on the outside, but it actually takes a lot of work because the best content is fresh and new and also is optimized. Having a digital marketing for your business and going off of their marketing strategy can help you tremendously because you have a whole team of experts working for you to help you grow your business.

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